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Information for your forthcoming surgery

Code(s) for authorisation


Insurance companies publish codes for operations. Once a decision is made to go ahead with an operation, you will be provided with a code or codes by our office. You should phone your insurance company with these code(s), and they will provide you with an authorisation number. This number should be communicated to our office.

your surgery

Mr Parikh operates at several hospitals:

  • Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth

  • The London Clinic

  • Lindo Wing, St. Mary’s Hospital

  • Clementine Churchill Hospital

  • Harley Street Clinic

  • Princess Grace Hospital

Please ask your insurance company if the hospital where surgery is planned is covered by your policy. Depending on your policy, some hospitals may not be covered.

Day Case surgery or Overnight stay


Most operations are performed as day cases. However, if surgery is done later in the day or evening and overnight stay is needed for observation and safe discharge. There can be other medical reasons for overnight stay.


For Day case procedures you will need an escort to accompany you home on discharge.

Fasting instructions


For a general anaesthetic (GA) - for adults and children:

  • Water up to two hours before induction.

  • Clear fluids*, including clear tea and black coffee also permitted up to two hours before induction of anaesthesia.

  • Food / milk / sweets / tea or coffee with milk, can be taken six hours (minimum) before induction.

  • Chewing gum not permitted on day of surgery


* Clear fluids – those through which newsprint can be read

Time off work


Following surgery we advice some time off work. The number of day(s) depends on the procedure. Please ask Mr Parikh for further details or phone/email us.


We will provide you with a covering letter for your workplace.

On the day of surgery

  • Mr Parikh will visit you to ensure you are comfortable and ready for the procedure.

  • An ‘informed’ consent will be taken. Mr Parikh would have discussed risks of surgery at a previous consultation and will highlight these again.

  • He will explain what will happen on the day, his post operative visit to discuss how the procedure went, and follow-up care until you see him again.

  • Mr Parikh will inform you of any post surgery medication that you will take home to use in the days after your operation. These could be antibiotics, pain killers, anti-sickness pills, nose drops etc.

  • Your arranged anaesthetist will visit and explain the process of anaesthesia.

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